survivor leadership Empowerment


Being trauma informed is necessary in working with victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. HOWEVER, being survivor informed is critical to promote successful outcomes in individuals coming out of and organizations serving this delicate population. Rachel coordinates with fellow survivors to consult with organizations to ensure they are being survivor informed in policies, procedures and organizational operations to avoid re-exploitation.

As a survivor of sexual exploitation Rachel realizes she is not a survivor but that she is surviving and that it is a daily choice and a daily process to move forward in the healing process while assimilating back into society. Her heart is to empower fellow individuals exploited in the sex industry as prostitutes, strippers, escorts and in human trafficking. Rachel collaborates with several organizations and emphasizes the need for collaboration rather than competition in this field. She shares best practices and tools for reintegrating back into society. She helps turn each individual story into a powerful tool individuals can utilize in their healing journey and quest for fulfillment of purpose in life