The Forensic and Medical Evaluation of Non-Fatal Strangulation Victims

The Forensic and Medical Evaluation

Strangulation, the application of external pressure to the neck, is lethal force.  Training is required for EMS, physicians, nurses, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and the court to recognize the risks;  including how easily only 11 pounds of pressure to the carotid arteries can render someone unconscious in an average of 6.8 seconds and kill them in just over 60 seconds.  This session will cover the forensic assessment and documentation needed to evaluate and care for a victim of non-fatal strangulation.  

Strangulation victims may have no visible external injury and may minimize their symptoms, yet they may have sustained an internal life-threatening injury. A collaborative approach between medical professionals, law enforcement and prosecutors is essential for the holistic care of strangulation victims. The medical implications and pathophysiology of strangulation are discussed in this lecture.

Rachel acquired her strangulation training from the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention: San Diego and from training under Dr. Bill Smock, Police Surgeon: Louisville, KY