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ABOUT Rachel

Rachel is an author, international consultant, public speaker, and overcomer.  She is a registered nurse with over 10 years of Emergency Department experience. She is a Forensic RN certified by the Commission for Forensic Nursing Certification through the International Association of Forensic Nurses in adult and adolescent sexual assault as well as pediatric sexual assault. Rachel has a wealth of forensic nursing experience, works as a legal nurse consultant, is licensed as a private investigator,  and a licensed Personal Protection Officer. Rachel harnesses the power and insights of her lived experience as a pioneer in the battle against modern-day human trafficking. Rachel has extensive knowledge of human trafficking research and first-hand experience in locating and recovering missing children. She has done extensive research with pimps and johns to better understand the demand side of trafficking. She is active in the fight against modern day slavery by working with survivors of violence and human trafficking both stateside and internationally, collaborating with several non-profits to promote best victim outcomes at a systems level.



  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • B.S. in Nursing (BSN)
  • Over 10 years of trauma ER nursing experience
  • Certified by the Commission for Forensic Nursing Certification
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Certified – Adult/Adolescent (SANE-A®)
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Certified – Pediatric (SANE-P®)
  • First-hand in recovering and finding missing children
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Licensed Personal Protection Officer
  • Strangulation Training by the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention

If you answered YES to any of these, then Rachel can help you.

Do you need clinical experience, medical education, or scientific background to assist you in the litigation process?

Do you need to hire an expert on Personal Injury, Domestic Violence, Gun Shot Wounds, Strangulation/Impeding Breath, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, or any other medico-legal area?

Does your business or organization need training about human trafficking or need to be more survivor-informed?

Do you need guidance on how to work with or help trafficking survivors?

Are you an EMS, physician, nurse, law enforcement officer, or prosecutor who needs strangulation training?

Do you need human trafficking medical training? How to identify trafficking victims and how to delegate the next steps in your healthcare facility?

Do you need human trafficking training for law enforcement?

Do you need to hire a private investigator?



Legal nurse consultants bring clinical experience, medical education, and scientific background into the legal arena, which assists attorneys in litigation. They are qualified to work as consultants on medical cases based on their experience in the professional nursing industry. Legal nurse consultants provide invaluable consultation and expertise to attorneys regarding medical issues.

 Hiring a legal nurse consultant can save the hiring attorney time and money and streamline successful outcomes for legal cases. They can be current or former practicing nurses. Rachel is a current practicing nurse in emergency and forensic nursing.

With her experience as an emergency room nurse for over 10 years and her forensic nursing specialty and experience, Rachel is a highly qualified legal nurse consultant. She has testified for both the prosecution and the defense in State and Federal courts over a dozen times and consulted on over a hundred cases. She works for various legal specialties, including criminal and civil attorneys. She has a wide scope of experience and abilities. She can be utilized as a consulting or testifying expert. Reach out to inquire about utilizing her services on your case and to determine the capacity of utilization.



It’s critical to be trauma-informed when working with victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. However, being survivor-informed is critical to promoting successful outcomes in individuals coming out of organizations serving this delicate population. Rachel coordinates with fellow survivors to consult with organizations to ensure they are being survivor informed about policies, procedures, and organizational operations to avoid re-exploitation.

As an overcomer of childhood sexual exploitation, Rachel realizes she is not a survivor but surviving and that it is a daily choice and a daily process to move forward in the healing process while assimilating back into society. Her heart is to empower fellow individuals exploited in the sex industry as sex workers, strippers, escorts, and in human trafficking. Rachel collaborates with several organizations and emphasizes the need for collaboration rather than competition in this field. She shares best practices and tools for reintegrating back into society. She helps turn each individual story into a powerful tool that individuals can utilize in their healing journey and quest for fulfillment of purpose in life.



Strangulation, applying external pressure to the neck, is lethal force.  Training is required for EMS, physicians, nurses, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and the court to recognize the risks, including how easily only eleven pounds of pressure to the carotid arteries can render someone unconscious in an average of 6.8 seconds and kill them in just over sixty seconds.  

This session will cover the forensic assessment and documentation needed to evaluate and care for a victim of non-fatal strangulation. Strangulation victims may have no visible external injury and may minimize their symptoms, yet they may have sustained an internal life-threatening injury. A collaborative approach between medical professionals, law enforcement, and prosecutors is essential for the holistic care of strangulation victims. The medical implications and pathophysiology of strangulation are discussed in this lecture.

Rachel acquired her strangulation training from the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention: San Diego and from training under Dr. Bill Smock, Police Surgeon: Louisville, KY.



As a forensic nurse examiner, Rachel is active in clinical practice doing patient care for victims of violence. She also teaches courses that are a part of the didactic training for the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner course curriculum. Forensic nurse examiners are registered or advanced practice nurses who receive specific education and training to provide specialized patient care. Victims of violence and abuse require care from a health professional trained to treat the specific trauma associated with the wrong that has been done to them.

There are many roles forensic nurses play in this. Sexual assault, intimate partner violence, neglect or other forms of intentional injury, strangulation, human trafficking, and gunshot wound identification are among these specialties. Forensic nurses complete a medical forensic exam which includes taking a medical history, doing a detailed physical assessment, doing a detailed genital assessment and collecting evidence, and providing testimony that can be used in a court of law to apprehend or prosecute perpetrators for committing violent and abusive acts.



Rachel works with several non-profits and consults with human trafficking organizations across the globe. She began her speaking and advising career in 2013 with her published autobiography, Taking Back the Pen. Since then, she has shared her story and insider knowledge with worldwide audiences to bring healing to trafficking survivors, capture predators and offenders, and strengthen the arsenal of police chiefs and investigators as they fight to establish justice and end crime. Join Rachel as she shares her lived experience from the field to help you drive results and positive change in your work against human trafficking.

She is an expert in identifying victims presenting to the hospital and safely delegating the next steps in their care.

Her knowledge will awaken and broaden your current knowledge to highlight the link between the healthcare profession and the phenomena of human trafficking in your community.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING TRAINING (law enforcement & legal)


Rachel works with several non-profits and consults with human trafficking organizations across the globe. She began her speaking and advising career in 2013 with her published autobiography, Taking Back the Pen. Since then, she has shared her story and insider knowledge with worldwide audiences to bring healing to trafficking survivors, capture predators and offenders, and strengthen the arsenal of police chiefs and investigators as they fight to establish justice and end crime. Join Rachel as she shares her lived experience from the field to help you drive results and positive change in your work against human trafficking.



Rachel is a licensed private investigator in the state of Texas and is also a licensed PPO (Personal Protection Officer). Please reach out for more information on private investigations, private security, dignitary protection, bodyguard assignments, security detail, penetration (PEN) testing, undercover operations, mitigation reports, legal private security investigations for court cases, and other security services you are interested in.


Rachel shares her story and gives examples of trials and traumas that she went through, such as being born into a gang family, being placed in the foster care system, having a mother in prison, her brother’s murder, her abuse, neglect, near-death experiences, divorce and homelessness and being a victim of commercial sexual exploitation. She explains how she was able to survive and thrive and highlights the difference between being a survivor and surviving.

Her personal disclosure to the audience is packaged in a way that she is not telling a sob story but explaining to them in a way they can relate to so that they, too, can break free from their strongholds in life. She also emphasizes that each person has a story that needs to be shared to move forward and have a greater impact in life.

The struggles people face are different, but the pain is the same. Our experiences in life are just memories unless we share them. Rachel emphasizes the importance of sharing life’s lives experiences.

Rachel Provides Interactive Workshops & Talks

Have Rachel speak at your event, teach your organization, or inspire your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rachel travel for speaking events or do them virtually?

Rachel is able to present live stateside or internationally in person or virtually. Request via the contact form and she can provide a contract to go over the details of travel arrangements and fees.

What types of audience does Rachel train?

Healthcare, law-enforcement, first responders, FBI, district attorney’s offices, judicial staff, attorneys, children’s advocacy centers (CAC), churches, and communities. Please feel free to reach out by email or fill out the contact form and let Rachel know who your target audience is and what the theme of the presentation requested is in the topic to be imparted.

Do you work as a legal consult for the prosecution or defense?

Rachel is able to testify in state and federal courts for both the prosecution and defense. She can also testify in civil cases. The science does not change regardless of the facts of the case. She can consult on cases or testify as an expert. Please fill out the contact form to discuss further details.

If I want to screen the documentary, is Rachel able to travel to my city to be a part of the event?

If you would like to have Rachel as a part of your film screening, premiere in your area to speak, or be a part of the event in general please reach out and discuss travel and fees and details surrounding hosting an event in your city.

Can you speak to individuals or groups and advise them on career paths they can take or share your journey to get to where you have gotten in life?

If you would like to have Rachel speak to a group about her life journey, and to assist in life path goals for you as an individual or for a particular audience, please reach out via the contact form to utilize her services in life coaching assistance to book a zoom or in-person consultation.

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About Rachel

Rachel is an author, motivational speaker, leader in the fight against trafficking, advocate of trafficking victims, and a lived experience expert. She shares her story and gives her painful past a powerful purpose and gives a voice back to the voiceless.




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