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Are you interested in volunteering in some capacity? Send an email to discuss your area of interest and I can help direct you to get you involved and help lead you to fulfill your life purpose and calling

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Rachel’s heart focus and mission is to improve victim outcomes at the systems level. There are so many areas that need support. Are you interested in supporting the work against violence? Send an email to inquire about specifics or donate here towards the mission. 

Some people have the time to do charity work but not the funds to do so and some people have the funds but not the time. I want to accomplish as much as I can with the time that I have available. If you feel led to donate to the one of the causes below, please indicate which cause you would like your funds to go towards. 

A. Fund a speaking engagement at a non-profit organization

B. Fund a rescue operation for sex trafficking victims.

C. Donate books to an organization with youth or others looking for a story to inspire change.

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